ASUS RT-AX89X (AX6000) Review

ASUS RT-AX89X (AX6000) Review: The Wifi 6 Spider

When it comes to gaming hardware, looks are as much important as the performance, whether it’s sleek and subtle design that catches some eyes or something straight from the sci-fi movies. It’s also an established fact that ASUS makes some of the best gaming products out there.

A first glance at the RT-AX89X gaming router shows that it means business. But good looks are often deceiving and underwhelming when you take a look at the inside. Luckily the ASUS RT-AX89X is not one of them, which we are going to find out why in this ASUS RT-AX89X review.

With a premium 2.2GHz CPU, robust 8×8 Dual-Band WiFi and a plethora of networking and security features, this router is sure to give you some bragging rights. The ASUS RT-AX89X looks spectacular on paper, but how will it fare when put to real-life testing and usage scenarios?

Let’s find out!

ASUS RT-AX89X Review



Wi-Fi Technology Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax
Number of Bands Dual-Band (2.4GHz 4×4 and 5GHz 8×8)
Processor 2.2GHz 64bit Quad-Core processor
Speed 6000 Mbps (1148Mbps @2.4GHz & 4804Mbps @5GHz)
Antennas 8 (External)
USB Ports 2 x USB 3.1 Gen 1
Ethernet Ports RJ45 for 10Gbps Base T for WAN/LAN x 1, RJ45 for 1Gbps Base T for LAN x 8, RJ45 for 1Gbps Base T for WAN x 1


  1. WiFi Speeds and Signal Strength is among the best
  2. Dual 10GbE ports (Base-T and SFP+)
  3. Excellent stability at all times
  4. Killer looks with a solid build quality
  5. Plenty of advanced security and other features


  1. Some users have reported network drops when using AiMesh
  2. May heat up sometimes, resulting in firmware glitches or networking hiccups

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As they say, spec sheets means nothing when it comes to the real-world applications. That’s completely true, and in order to see whether the feature-laden ASUS RT-AX89X holds its ground, we need to break it down among its various features and actual performance.

We put the RT-AX89X to test and needless to say, have got some exciting things to show you based on our testing and results. Let’s quickly get into the ASUS RT-AX89X review to help you decide if this premium router is worth your money.

1. Design

Design of ASUS RT-AX89X

Similar to Tp-Link Archer AX11000, the ASUS RT-AX89X is a large and bulky router, and comes packed in an equally large box to match that. Open that and you’ll be greeted by the octagonal body of the router with its eight antennas pivoted towards the centre. Accessories that come with the router include a standard power adapter and ethernet cable.

In terms of its size, the main body of the router measures 13.53in wide x 3.15in tall and weighs in at around 2.82 lbs (1.28 kg). The top surface of the router isn’t exactly flat or sharp, instead it’s multi-faceted giving it a nice dome-like shape.

All around this body can be found eight equally spaced antennas which open up pointing upwards making the router resemble nothing but a futuristic robot spider. Between these antennas on the sides of the router, you’ll find all the ports, buttons and other connectivity.

The router seems well-built and nothing like the cheap flimsy construction found on some competing routers. The menacing design and solid construction make this router next to none in terms of design and build quality.

2. Ultra-fast Speed

ASUS RT-AX89X Ultra-fast Speed

The new 8×8 router can provide up to 2.8 times faster speeds that the previous iterations. Compared to the 4×4 802.11ac technology, the new WiFi 6 comes with 1024 QAM which significantly enhances the wireless connection speeds.

The ASUS RT-AX89X is capable of a maximum total throughput of 6000Mbps, with 4804Mbps on the 5GHz band and 1148Mbps on the 2.4GHz band. Not only that, the router comes with two 10G LAN ports for an unmatched wired performance. It sports a top-of-the-line 2.2GHz Quad-Core processor which means that the performance or network strength won’t suffer even with multiple devices connected.

Apart from the wireless speeds, the USB performance is also top-notch as a result of the powerful CPU. You will be able to reach up to 300Mbps read and upwards of 150Mbps write speeds with the included USB 3.0 ports.

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3. WiFi Coverage

Better WiFi Coverage with ASUS RT-AX89X

Network range and signal strength has always been a strong suit of ASUS, and the RT-AX89X is no slouch either. It will easily cover a 5000-6000 sq. ft. of area when placed in the middle, which is ideal if you have a large home or building for your organization.

Oh, and did we mention that the position of antennas can affect the range? You may experience a shorter range when the antennas are collapsed, although not by much, but it’s suggested that you open them up for optimal coverage.

The great thing is even with multiple smartphones or laptops connected, you won’t start to notice a drop in network strength until much further away from the router. We will give the credit for this to the MU-MIMO and beamforming technologies integrated into the router, allowing it to reach up to 80% farther in terms of coverage.

4. More LAN Ports

LAN Ports on ASUS RT-AX89X

Similar to its Wifi 5 variant (Asus RT-AC88U) , the ASUS RT-AX89X comes with the eight Gigabit ports, which is on the higher side of premium routers. This is ideal if you want to have a secured wired network using multiple PCs, NAS, or want to host a competitive gaming session among your friends.

Apart from that, you also get a Base-T and an SFP+ 10G LAN port. So, if you have a device or connection that can make use of that, it’s good news for you. Also, keep in mind that the SFP+ interface will require an adapter to work and won’t work at 1Gbps rate.

That said, the availability of so many ports makes the RT-AX89X convenient for those who constantly work with both wired and wireless environments. It can support both copper and fiber LAN connections, as well as a 10G LAN network between your NAS and PCs.

5. Networking Efficiency

The ASUS RT-AX89X comes packed with all the advanced and cutting edge technology that makes the most use of the power. The new WiFi 6 standard is capable of up to 4x more network capacity, which means you’ll be able to connect a greater number of devices without experiencing any hiccups whatsoever.

It uses the modern MU-MIMO and OFDMA technologies which help it make better use of the available bandwidth, increase stability in dense traffic environments and reduce the latency. OFDMA is a digital modulation technique that takes a WiFi channel and divides it into several sub channels (known as Resource Units).

This allows multiple devices to connect seamlessly and simultaneously thus making it extremely stable and suitable for multiple video streams, working with VPNs or even downloading large torrent files all at the same time.

6. AiProtection & AiMesh

Although the ASUS RT-AX89X comes with a bunch of security measures like parental controls, QoS, VPS client and more, ASUS also includes lifetime access to their proprietary AiProtection Pro. This adds an extra layer of security by providing advanced security controls and device monitoring.


AiMesh is ASUS’ solution to a whole home WiFi mesh system. What’s great about the AiMesh is that you get to choose from different ASUS routers that will work perfectly fine with the mesh network, unlike some other brands which restrict you to get a particular model for their mesh system.


It’s a powerful router with impressive looks and plenty of features and future-proofing to justify its worth. In a market where all the routers are competing for the same set of features, the ASUS RT-AX89X stands out by checking all the right boxes and then some. Whether you need it for heavy online gaming, covering large homes or establishing a reliable and secure network for your business or organization, the RT-AX89X delivers it all.

It’s priced competitively, has enough options for both wired and wireless environments and comes with the latest and greatest technologies that will hold their own for the coming years. If you are looking to upgrade your old router, you won’t regret picking up the RT-AX89X.

So, that was it for our ASUS RT-AX89X review. What are your thoughts on this router? Is there any particular feature that you liked the most? Or you have any other alternatives that you find better at this price. Let us know in the comment box below!

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