Best Router for 4K Streaming

Best Router for 4K Streaming

In case you love to spend your time watching movies or binge-watch web shows. Then, you must enjoy it in the best picture quality as well, such as 4K resolution. So, how can you start to stream 4K content online? Just upgrading the internet plan that delivers Gigabit speeds is not going to work, unless you upgrade your router at the same time and get one best 4K streaming router which can handle such speeds. Thus, we have created a list of the best routers for streaming 4K content online that will unlock the total potential of your internet plan. Also, you will get to experience some great useful features such as broad coverage and many more. 

In case you want to know about the essential factors to consider while buying a new router, you can also refer to the detailed buying guide which is mentioned below in this article. So, without any further discussion, let’s quickly check out the list of Best Routers for 4K streaming.

Best Router for 4K Streaming

Device Speed Coverage
1. Linksys EA9500 5300 Mbps 3000 sq. ft. CHECK PRICE
2. Netgear R9000 7200 Mbps 2500 sq. ft. CHECK PRICE
3. Netgear RAX40 3000 Mbps 1,500 sq. ft. CHECK PRICE
4. TP-Link Archer A7 1750 Mbps 2,500 sq. ft. CHECK PRICE
5. Zyxel Armor Z2 2600 Mbps 2,500 sq. ft. CHECK PRICE

1. Linksys EA9500


  1. Suitable for 4K streaming.
  2. Speed remains consistent even if multiple devices are connected. 
  3. The coverage is pretty good.
  4. Easy operation from the Linksys Mobile app.


  1. Slightly expensive.

Wifi Technology: 802.11ac Tri-Band | Speed: Up to 5300 Mbps | Coverage: Up to 3000 sq. ft | Ethernet Ports: 8 | Security: WPA 2

Linksys is a very big name in the industry and is quite well-known for the superior reliability of all its products, especially routers. Well, coming from the same family of routers, the Linksys EA9500 aka AC5400 not only seems to be the best router for 4K streaming but also considered as the best router for Spectrum and Cox. Since it is a Tri-band router, it has got every other feature as well that can provide you with a secure and stable Wi-Fi connection. 

Starting from its build quality, the router body is amazingly built like a tank, and you will notice there are 8 powerful antennas on this router that are good enough to penetrate each and every wall to deliver the signals to any device at your home or office regardless of where it is placed. We would recommend using this one if you have a pretty large office or home since it covers almost 3000 sq. Ft. pretty easily. 

Apart from that, if you have opted for a Gigabit speed Internet plan, this router will not cause any problems handling it since it supports Wireless speeds up to 5.3Gbps. While the two of its 5GHz bands manage 1000Mbps and 2166Mbps speeds respectively, the 2.5GHz band handles the rest of the 2166Mbps bandwidth. Even there are 8 Ethernet ports and 2 USB ports at the backside. Hence, you can connect it with your PCs as well. 

On the other hand, you can easily set up this router by following the instructions in the quick start guide. And, you can even operate it using the Linksys mobile app. Moreover, the Linksys EA9500 aka AC5400 boasts a 1.4 GHz dual-core processor that flawlessly manages the MU MIMO technology that is capable of delivering the same speeds to each device even if there are a total of 25 devices connected at the same time. 

Other 4K Streaming Linksys routers that we have reviewed are Linksys MR9000 AC3000 and Linksys EA7300. You can check the links to read more about them in-depth.

2. Netgear R9000


  1. Loaded with technology
  2. Beamforming+ support
  3. Can connect up to 45 devices 
  4. Simple and Stylish design 


  1. Not much ideal for large offices

Wifi Technology: 802.11ac Tri-Band | Speed: Up to 7200 Mbps | Coverage: Up to 2500 sq. ft | Ethernet Ports: 6 | Security: WPA 2

In case you are trying to find the best home router for streaming 4K content online, you should not look anywhere else as the Netgear R9000 is a good enough option. As it falls somewhere in the mid-budget segment, you can check this one out as it is worth the price. 

The Netgear Nighthawk R9000 aka AD7200 Wi-Fi router boasts a 1.7GHz quad-core processor and is loaded with several other technologies that enhance the overall Wireless connection across you. With the help of Beamforming+ technology, you can simply prioritize any device on which the usage is heavy. For instance, while watching 4K movies online, the TV can be prioritized so that you can have a smooth movie-watching experience without any buffering. 

On the other hand, this tri-band router creates an 802.11ac/ad wireless connection in which the speeds are divided between the three bands such as 800Mbps, 1733Mbps, 4600 Mbps. On top of that, the MU-MIMO technology ensures that no device has to face interference because of any other connected device since it can manage up to 45 connections at one time. 

Apart from that, you get 4 antennas on this router which are extremely powerful to cover an area of about 2500 sq. Ft. very easily. Hence, it is the best home router for streaming 4K content. But, if you are looking for a router in your office or some big space then we would suggest getting a mesh router like the Arris SURFboard mAX Pro Mesh or a Netgear Nighthawk Mesh which will help in seamless streaming from any part of the house/office. Talking about the wired connections on R9000, you do get two USB 3.0 ports on the side and 6 Gigabit Ethernet ports at the backside. Also, you can control the router settings using the mobile app or using Alexa Voice controls. 

3. Netgear RAX40


  1. Best home router for streaming.
  2. Latest Wi-Fi 6 technology.
  3. Wall Penetration is good.
  4. Almost no dead zones in the 1500 sq. Ft area. 


  1. Multiple connected devices can interfere with other device’s bandwidth. 

Wifi Technology: 802.11ax Dual-Band | Speed: Up to 3000 Mbps | Coverage: Up to 1500 sq. ft | Ethernet Ports: 4 | Security: WPA 2

Since Netgear has a pretty good lineup of Nighthawk routers, the Netgear RAX40 is an amazing yet affordable choice for those who are looking for the best router for streaming videos. With pretty aggressive pricing, you are also getting some good features here that are good enough as per your requirements. 

Since it comes with a dual-core processor, it flawlessly makes use of advanced technologies like Beamforming+, OFDMA, and many more. Also, the setup procedure for this router is as easy as installing an application on your smartphone. Yes, with Netgear’s dedicated mobile app, you can take complete control over the router and even set a priority order for some of your frequently used devices. 

Talking about the build and design, the RAX40 has a pretty sleek design that has a futuristic touch to it. Moreover, you get two super-powerful antennas as well, which are capable of providing a stable connection up to 1500 sq. Ft. On the other hand, the price is slightly lower than other routers because it is a dual-band router and can reach up to 3Gbps speeds only. However, it is still good enough for 4K streaming because of the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology. 

Apart from that, it has support to connect up to 20 devices at one time, so that’s ideal for home use. The connection is secured with WPA2 security, DoS, Firewall, VPN, Parental Controls as well, so no unauthorized person can access it. With the mobile app, it also has support for Alexa commands and many other features which include Guest WiFi access, and more. You can read an in-depth review of Netgear Nighthawk AX3000 (AX4) from here.

4. TP-Link Archer A7


  1. Very affordable.
  2. Ideal for home use.
  3. Easy to set up.
  4. Minimal Design.
  5. 2 year warranty and 24/7 support.


  1. 4K streaming is stable on wired connection only.

Wifi Technology: 802.11ac Dual-Band | Speed: Up to 1750 Mbps | Coverage: Up to 2500 sq. ft | Ethernet Ports: 4 | Security: WPA 2

If your budget is not very high, and you just want a basic router that can easily handle 4K streaming tasks for you. Well, TP-Link Archer A7 lies in the same league and delivers far better features than a basic router even at the budget pricing and considered one of the most affordable Verizon FiOS routers

This dual-band Archer A7 router from TP-Link is powered by one of the most powerful processors. It establishes a wireless connection that is suitable for all devices working on 802.11ac and older wireless technologies. The Archer A7 can easily handle speeds up to 1750 Mbps where the bandwidth gets divided into two different bands. The 2.4GHz band holds 450 Mbps bandwidth which is suitable for mobile devices and other devices like printers, laptops, etc. 

On the other hand, the 5GHz band holds the rest of the 1300 Mbps speed which is good enough to stream 4K movies online. But if that seems less to you then you can check Tp-Link Archer AX11000 which boasts Wifi 6 technology and provides over 10Gbps of speed. Apart from that, the A7 has a pretty basic design language, but the three antennas on top are highly amplified to cover up to 2500 sq. Ft. area and provide signals all across your home, leaving no dead zones behind. 

Although it is compatible to connect almost 50 devices at a time, we will recommend you use the wired connection when you need more stability in connection with high speed such as while streaming 4K content or playing online games. Also, there are other classy features associated with this router, such as WPA/WPA2 wireless encryption, Alexa Support, Mobile app compatibility, and more. 

5. Zyxel Armor Z2


  1. Streamboost, Beamforming and 4×4 MU-MIMO technology.
  2. Elegant design.
  3. Reasonable Pricing.


  1. Design is a bit bulky.

Wifi Technology: 802.11ac Dual-Band | Speed: Up to 2600 Mbps | Coverage: Up to 2500 sq. ft | Ethernet Ports: 4 | Security: WPA 2

Lastly, we would like to discuss a little about the Armor Z2 from Zyxel, which carries a pretty futuristic design language with pride. As far as the pricing is concerned, it falls somewhere between the mainstream prices and the mid-segment ones. However, the features of this router justify its pricing very well. So, it can surely be the best router for streaming 4K content for you. 

You will feel glad to know that this router is built for streaming videos, and Zyxel has put all the necessary features in it as well. First of all, at such a reasonable price, the Armor Z2 delivers speeds up to 2600 Mbps which is good enough if you want to game online or stream 4K UHD content. 

On the other hand, it has 4 superb antennas that do a pretty good job of providing a stable Wireless connection all across. No matter if you install this router at your home or office, there will be no dead zones, all thanks to the good wall penetration of the antennas. Apart from that, the 1.7GHz dual-core processor also manages various technologies like Beamforming+ and MU-MIMO technology so that you never have to face any buffering while streaming online content. 

The Zyxel Armor Z2 operates on the latest 802.11ac wireless connection and is compatible with each and every device which operates on older versions. For the setup process, you need to use the Easy 123 process, it is pretty straightforward, and you will find all the instructions in the guide as well. Moreover, there are 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports as well in case you need to connect it to your PC directly. Hence, we will feel no shame to call it the best 4k streaming router as well as the gaming router. 

Buying Guide for Choosing best router for streaming 4K videos

As we have mentioned the best routers for streaming 4K video in the above list, you can simply read the description to know more about their features. But, before you choose and make your final decision about buying, we recommend you go through this buying guide as well. There are some essential factors associated with every router that every customer should check before investing in a router. Also take note that we are not discussing anything about the best modem for 4K streaming here since modem and router are two completely different devices, in case you are getting confused by that. So, let’s quickly discuss the major aspects of a router that makes it suitable for streaming 4K videos. 

1. Speed

4k router speed

Speed is one of the main aspects that we should consider before buying. As we can see on the list, some routers can even handle speeds up to 7 or 8 Gbps easily. Surely it is good enough speed to stream 4K content, but you can only achieve such high-speeds when you have purchased an Internet plan of such high-speed as well. Also, you should always opt for the plan that offers speeds which your router can handle. Otherwise, it will surely face bottleneck situations.  

2. Dual-Band vs Tri-Band

best modem for 4k streaming

Usually, dual-band routers have a 2.4GHz band and a 5GHz band. Whereas, the tri-band routers have one extra 5GHz band. So, is that useful? If you are a heavy internet user and want good internet speeds on various devices, then a tri-band router will be a good choice for you since the 5GHz bands provide better speeds but are not very good in terms of coverage. Whereas the 2.4GHz band is ideal for smaller devices with lesser requirements such as mobiles, laptops, etc. However, if you are just a casual user who likes to stream 4K content on their SmartTV, the dual-band routers will work fine as well. 

4. Processor

best 4k streaming router

All the products mentioned in the above list are powered by good processors already, and you don’t have to think about that much either. It just compliments how better your router performs with the new technologies that we will be discussing later on. However, you might see various processors associated with routers such as dual-core and quad-core. Although the performance difference is not that much, a faster processor such as the quad-core ones performs better in the long term. 

5. Antennas

4k router antennas

Most people neglect to check if the antennas are good or not. For such an audience, we would like to share that antennas play a major role in providing you with better overall connection coverage and signal strength as well. However, some cheaper brands also trick people by providing multiple basic antennas while some good routers perform the same even with two antennas. However, the routers you find on this list have superior class antennas. And, when you compare their performance side by side, the routers with more antennas win in providing better coverage as well as signal strength. So, while choosing the best router for 4K streaming, you have to check the antennas as well. 

6. MU-MIMO and Beamforming

best router for streaming videos

The MU-MIMO technology stands for Multi-User Multiple-input Multiple-Output technology which helps distribute the bandwidth across all the devices equally. As a result, you can use multiple devices connected to the same network at the same time without interfering with other people’s connection speeds. Hence, all the users get the bandwidth that they require, and everyone can take advantage of the Wi-Fi peacefully.

On the other hand, Beamforming technology focuses more on providing the required signal strength to stabilize the connection between the device and the router. It is very helpful while you are streaming 4K content, you can simply prioritize the device and push more Wi-Fi signal towards that device so that you don’t have to suffer during the video buffer. 

7. Ports

best home router for streaming

The Ethernet ports are very useful in case you want to establish a wired connection to connect your router to your PC or some other devices like printer, scanner, etc. using the USB ports. You can simply plug in the Ethernet cable in the ports and connect the devices. Moreover, you can also connect some USB media devices to the routers so that you can share the same content with every other connected device on the same network. Hence, multiple ethernet and USB ports are necessary to check when you are planning to buy the best router for streaming videos.

Which is Better? Wi-Fi or Ethernet For 4K Streaming

Most people have many misconceptions regarding it; however, it is still an unchangeable fact that Ethernet is better than Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is more convenient to use with mobile devices. But, in the case of HDTVs and PCs where you have the advantage to connect to the router using ethernet, you should not miss out on the opportunity since wired connections handle the internet speed pretty well as compared to Wi-Fi. 

However, if you have opted for an amazing internet plan that even provides Gigabit speeds on Wireless connections, then, there should not be a problem for you even while using Wi-Fi to stream 4K content. On the other hand, if the connection speed is not of that sort, you can get the most out of it using a wired connection only. In a nutshell, if the internet plan is good, you can use Wi-Fi since it is more convenient and easy to use. But, if the connection speed is that good, a wired connection is more preferable. 


We hope that you have surely found the best router for 4K streaming from the list above. Since all the options on the list are capable of fulfilling your requirements, the budget remains to be the final deciding factor for you. However, if you ask us to pick the best router for streaming 4K content online, we suggest you pick anyone from the Netgear R9000 and Netgear RAX40. Since both routers from Netgear provide plenty of useful features, that too for a very reasonable price. That’s it from our side, in case you have any more suggestions for us or have any query to ask, you can use the comments section and freely discuss it there with us.

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