Best Router for Spectrum

Best Router for Spectrum

As we already know, Spectrum offers quite amazing Internet plans ideal for every kind of user. But, along with the plan, choosing a router compatible with the connection seems to be equally important. Why? Although Spectrum subscribers are provided with a router that is fully compatible to work with the connection, a 5$ monthly charge also comes along with it. Also, the basic router does not even promise good security and coverage as well. 

So, in this situation, buying your own router for Spectrum will be much beneficial for you since it will get rid of the monthly rental fees. If you do the calculations, buying your own routers that work with Spectrum is going to save you money in the long run. Not only that, but you can also have access to better features along with better security and coverage. 

Hence, we have curated a list that consists of all the best routers compatible with Spectrum that will help you use your connection up to its full potential. So, without wasting any of your precious time, let’s quickly check out which is the best Wi-Fi router compatible with Spectrum.  

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Best Router for Spectrum

Device Speed Coverage
1. Netgear R7000 1900 Mbps 1800 sq. ft. CHECK PRICE
2. Linksys EA9500 5300 Mbps 3000 sq. ft. CHECK PRICE
3. Netgear XR700 7200 Mbps 1,500 sq. ft. CHECK PRICE
4. Google Mesh Wifi 1200 Mbps 4,500 sq. ft. CHECK PRICE
5. Motorola MR2600 2600 Mbps 1,500 sq. ft. CHECK PRICE

1. Netgear R7000


  1. Ideal Wi-Fi router compatible with Spectrum
  2. Connects up to 30 devices
  3. Smart Parental Controls
  4. Easy to set up 
  5. Wall Mountable 


  1. Basic design language

Wifi Technology: 802.11ac Dual-Band | Speed: Up to 1900 Mbps | Coverage: Up to 1800 sq. ft | Ethernet Ports: 4 | Security: WPA 2

Starting from the design of this router, it might seem like a basic router to most people. But, if you look closely, the attention to detail is fantastic, and the side grills help to keep the inside hardware cool. Moreover, you get 3 amplified antennas that you can move in almost any direction you want to get the best signal strength. In fact, moving to the backside, there are 4 ethernet ports and a USB 2.0 port available in case you need to connect it to PC or any other smart object. Whereas connecting storage devices is also possible using the USB 3.0 port located at the front side of this router. 

As far as the performance is concerned, it consists of good enough features considering its price tag. We will say it is one of the best routers for Spectrum and also Cox subscribers who want to use it at home since it can cover up to 1800 sq. Ft., users should not face any coverage issues or dead zones, to be precise. Since it is a dual-band router, its 2.4GHz band handles 600Mbps whereas the 5GHz band can handle up to 1300Mbps speeds. The powerful 1GHz dual-core processor manages to provide good internet speeds to up to 30 devices at the same time. 

On the other hand, to enhance the internet connection and prioritize the important devices to achieve better bandwidth. The Beamforming+ and Dynamic QoS technology are more than enough to keep the buffering away from your devices. Apart from that, the other Smart Connect features and Amazon Alexa Voice Controls are much useful if you want a hands-free experience. Also, you can set parental controls and block access to some sites manually, which are not meant for children. At the same time, the WPA2 wireless security protocols manage to provide proper security and keep unauthorized users away. 

If you are looking for a Router under budget then you can opt for Netgear R6700 Nighthawk AC1750 which provides 1750 Mbps speed and 1500 sq.ft coverage.

2. Linksys EA9500


  1. Easy to set up using Linksys App
  2. Fast and stable Wi-Fi connectivity
  3. Ideal Wi-Fi router for Spectrum users who want better coverage
  4. Powerful Dual-core processor


  1. Very bulky router
  2. Slightly Expensive

Wifi Technology: 802.11ac Tri-Band | Speed: Up to 5300 Mbps | Coverage: Up to 3000 sq. ft | Ethernet Ports: 8 | Security: WPA 2

For all the heavy internet users out there, there is a bunch of Spectrum approved wireless routers, out of which the Linksys EA9500 stands out. Since it is a tri-band router, you can expect some massive internet speeds from this router, if your Spectrum plan is top-notch. Well, coming from the same family of routers, the Linksys EA9500 aka AC5400 seems to be the best router for 4K streaming also. While the 2.4GHz band and 5 GHz band deals with 2166Mbps speeds, the additional 5GHz band is there for providing 1000Mbps more. Hence, it can work up to 5.3Gbps speeds very easily.

On the other hand, if we talk about its design and build, the router looks exceptionally beautiful with, and the attention to detail is well remarkable even on the edges. Moving towards the backside, we can say it is built like a tank as it has a total of 2 USB ports and 8 Ethernet ports to set up wired connections. The powerful amplified 8 antennas cover the 3 sides of this router entirely making it look more aesthetic. Also, it can deliver faster speeds to all the devices without interrupting the bandwidth or other connected users, all thanks to the fairly working MU-MIMO technology. 

Well, these antennas are not just for the looks; the Linksys EA9500 provides fantastic coverage of 3000 sq. Ft. while staying connected to at most 25 devices at one time. It is one of the best Spectrum recommended routers for those who like to stream 4K videos or play online multiplayer games. On top of that, the setup process of this router is super-simple and does not involve any technicalities. All you need to do is download a simple Linksys application and follow up on the instructions. 

Other Linksys routers that are compatible with Spectrum are Linksys MR9000 AC3000 and Linksys EA7300. You can check the links to read more about them in-depth.

3. Netgear XR700


  1. Easy to set up 
  2. An ideal choice for heavy internet users
  3. Tri-band coverage is amazing
  4. Low Ping for better Gaming


  1. Very Costly

Wifi Technology: 802.11ac Tri-Band | Speed: Up to 7200 Mbps | Coverage: Up to 1500 sq. ft | Ethernet Ports: 6 | Security: WPA 2

From the Netgear Nighthawk’s lineup, the XR700 is one of its kind as it is the best wireless router for Spectrum which serves well enough according to a gamer’s requirements. Although the pricing of this router is slightly high, the features of it are quite worthy of the price as well. Starting from its design, the outer shell of the Netgear XR700 comes with some beautiful red accents which make it look more gamer-friendly. Along with that, there are a total of 6 ethernet ports and 2 USB 3.0 ports present at the backside. But if you need more ports as a gamer then Tp-Link Archer AX11000 and Asus RT-AC88U with 8 Ethernet ports can be a better choice as they are even compatible with Spectrum.

You can use the AD stream of this router in case you want the best possible experience while gaming since it delivers up to 4600Mbps speed alone, ensuring the latency always remains low. On the other hand, the other streams such as the 5GHz band and 2.4GHz band deliver 1733Mbps and 800Mbps respectively while the Powerful 1.7GHz Quad-Core Processor makes sure the connection remains stable for all the connected devices. 

For making it a gamer-friendly router, Netgear has also included a 10 Gigabit LAN SFP+ Port which is quite helpful in taking lightning-fast backup and streaming from a NAS. Another advantage of choosing this router for Spectrum is that you can control all the additional features using the Netgear software on your PC. Afterwards, you can take total control over the router and prioritize your gaming traffic. Hence, it is simply one good Wi-Fi router Spectrum users can grab blindly.

4. Google Mesh Wi-Fi 


  1. Broad coverage.
  2. Family Control features allow stopping connection on kids devices.
  3. Connection stability is good.
  4. Modern Design.


  1. Max speed of Google Mesh Wi-Fi is only 1200Mbps.

Wifi Technology: 802.11ac Dual-Band | Speed: Up to 1200 Mbps | Coverage: Up to 4500 sq. ft | Ethernet Ports: 2 | Security: WPA 2

The Google Mesh Wi-Fi router system is one of the best Spectrum approved wireless routers that are ideal for home, and even for large office areas. The main aim of this Mesh system is to provide you with a better coverage area without making you break your bank. This product that we are discussing here comes with three different router units out of which one works as the main router while the other two can be used as nodes to increase the coverage area. As a result, you can achieve up to a total of 4500 sq. Ft Coverage area from this Wi-Fi router compatible with Spectrum. 

There are no such antennas to be seen on the router’s outer body because Google has kept them hidden to deliver the most minimal look. If we talk a little bit more about its design, it is undeniably the most modern-looking router and resembles the look of Google Home. Beneath each unit, you will find 2 Ethernet ports to establish wired connections. Hence, for those people who are looking for a good solution to provide an internet connection to their smart gadgets like SmartTVs or something else, Google Mesh Wi-Fi system can help you out. 

In terms of performance, Google has done a great job since this dual-band router supports IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac. Thus, you can connect almost all of your devices. However, we will not recommend this router for heavy internet users since it can only manage internet speeds up to 1200Mbps which is quite average for this price range. You can get better speed with Netgear Nighthawk Mesh WIFI 6 (MK62) at a comparatively lesser price. Also, you can check Arris SURFboard mAX Pro Mesh with top notch speed and coverage.

Apart from speed, Google Mesh Wi-Fi router can be controlled using one simple application on your phone. On the other hand, it is more suitable for home usage where users require the internet for casual web browsing and watching YouTube videos occasionally. 

5. Motorola MR2600


  1. Most affordable Wi-Fi router compatible with Spectrum.
  2. Ideal for households.
  3. Signal Strength is remarkable for the price.
  4. Smart QoS


  1. Requires computer for setup.
  2. Lacks auto-firmware updates.

Wifi Technology: 802.11ac Dual-Band | Speed: Up to 2600 Mbps | Coverage: Up to 1500 sq. ft | Ethernet Ports: 4 | Security: WPA 2

The last contender on our Spectrum router list is from Motorola, the MR2600 Wi-Fi router for Spectrum. It is surely one of the best wireless routers for Charter Spectrum internet if the budget is part of your concern and also considered one of the most affordable Verizon FiOS routers. Starting with the performance of this router, despite being a budget-friendly pick, it has plenty of features to please your needs. First of all, it is a dual-band router. Hence, the coverage area is good enough for small to average households. Moreover, its 4X4 antennas ensure each device gets good signal strength from both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands delivering speeds up to 2600Mbps. 

On the other hand, it also comes with MU-MIMO technology that takes care of no one experiencing buffering or slow speeds, even if multiple devices get connected at the same time. Whereas Beamforming technology of the MR2600 targets the signal to all the connected devices to maintain a stable and good signal strength throughout the session. Even for the wired connection, there are at most 4 ethernet ports available, and a USB 3.0 port for connecting USB devices such as a hard drive or something of that sort. 

Even for this aggressive pricing, Motorola has done a pretty decent job in terms of providing features. On top of that, a big thanks to its dual-core processor that makes it do all this cool stuff. It even has Smart QoS (Quality of Service) features to enhance your internet connection. Along with that, additional features like Parental Control, IPv6 support, and Guest Network capabilities make this one of the best routers for Spectrum internet.

How to Choose the Best Router for Spectrum Internet

Most people have this question in their mind, “What routers are compatible with Spectrum internet”. Well, we have mentioned all the best routers for Spectrum subscribers in the above Spectrum router list. Hence you can simply pick one according to your budget and requirements. However, if you want to know more about the products, we recommend going through this buying guide as we will discuss all the essential things that you must consider to look before purchasing a new router. 

1. Speed

router for spectrum

The first and the most important factor to consider while purchasing Spectrum compatible routers is the speed. That solely depends on the Spectrum internet plan you have opted for. Because, if you have an internet plan that is capable of delivering speeds up to 1Gbps only. Then, a router that is capable of handling 7 Gbps will make no difference either. The results are going to be the same. 

On the other hand, if you’re thinking of upgrading the internet plan in the future. Then, you can surely choose to buy a router capable of handling high speeds. Otherwise, if you use a 1Gbps router with a 5Gbps internet plan, the speed will still bottleneck to 1 Gbps. Hence, matching router capabilities with the current Internet plan is quite important. 

2. Wi-Fi Standards​

best router for spectrum internet

There are many Wireless standards introduced by the IEEE. So, it becomes your duty to check on what standards the router works. As we look on this list of Spectrum compatible routers, most of them support IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless standard. It is useful because some devices like SmartTVs, or some older phones only support 802.11b/g/n or some other configuration. So, choosing a Wi-Fi router that supports almost all the wireless standards provides better flexibility to connect various kinds of devices, along with fast data transfer speeds as well. 

3. Coverage

best wireless router for spectrum

Coverage is yet another important factor to consider since most people choose to go for cheaper routers and then end up struggling with wireless dead zones all across their home. Well, as for this list of Spectrum compatible routers, all the routers that we have picked up will not cause this sort of issue since all the routers have good multiple amplified antennas that deliver broad coverage up to 1500 sq. Ft., 3000 sq. Ft, 4500 sq. Ft., etc. Generally, a router with a 1500 sq. Ft coverage area is good enough for small households. At the same time, the other Spectrum internet compatible routers with more coverage work great for large households or office premises.  

4. Dual-Band vs Tri-Band

spectrum compatible routers

If you are a heavy internet user and love streaming content in UHD 4K quality or want to play online games with the lowest latencies, a Tri-band router will suit you the best. While the Dual-band routers only have a 2.4GHz band and a 5Ghz band. The Tri-band routers consist of one additional 5GHz band. Hence, it is no doubt that a tri-band router will be a good option in every aspect such as speeds, coverage, handling multiple connected devices, etc. However, if you don’t have such requirements, the dual-band routers can still fetch you Gigabit speeds that you can use for your advantage if the number of connected devices is less. 

How to Install a Spectrum Router

best routers for spectrum

If you have already got yourself one of the best routers that work with Spectrum, and want to get, it started as soon as possible. We are mentioning some easy steps that you need to follow up precisely to Install a Spectrum Router. 

  1. First of all, disconnect the Ethernet cables that connect your modem to your router. Also, unplug your modem so it can restart. 
  2. Meanwhile, let the modem restart and then connect your Spectrum compatible router to the modem using an Ethernet cable. Make sure you connect the cable using the correct ports. 
  3. Now, plug in your Wi-Fi router to a power outlet and turn it on. 
  4. Let the router turn on, and make sure the power button on the router is On as well, in case there is a dedicated power button available. 
  5. Connect your computer or laptop to the Wi-Fi, the name of the Wi-Fi (SSID) will be mentioned on the Router’s backside.
  6. Once you start the connecting process, it will ask you for a password as well. That’ll also be present somewhere on the back of the Router. 

Usually, you should change the router’s password and name as per your likings to ensure a safe connection. On the router box, you will find the Default Gateway IP address of the network. You can visit the IP address and then login with your credentials. Hence, this is how you enter your router’s settings from where you can alter almost any setting related to the connection. An alternate and easy method will be using the dedicated router application if your router brand offers you this sort of functionality. 


If you look upon the internet in search of Spectrum approved wireless routers, it will throw up hundreds of options for you. But, finding one “good-for-all” product is impossible since every user has different requirements. Thus, we spent some time researching so that you don’t have to waste any second to find the best wireless router for Charter Spectrum. All of these routers are very reasonably priced according to their features. 

So, if you want to choose one, you can simply go through the description and check out the pricing if it fits in your budget or not. Henceforth, this is it from our side. We hope this list and the attached buying guide helps you make a wise decision about this purchase. Lastly, we would like to tell you that if you have any suggestions for us or any questions to ask us, you can comment down below and let us know. 

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