How to Connect VoIP Phone to Router

How to Connect VoIP Phone to Router

An increasing number of individuals are utilizing Voice over IP technology to stay in touch. VoIP has actually obtained appeal both with private clients and also companies. It supplies considerable cost financial savings over conventional landline phone carriers. Customers will enjoy to recognize that they can utilize VoIP with cordless net (Wi-Fi). There are various elements to take into consideration when placing telephone calls utilizing VoIP on your cordless network.

In case you have a wireless router and also network, then you can wirelessly utilize your VoIP phone. In case you are on the move, you can make use of VoIP connections, however you will certainly need to plan this with your VoIP carrier, and it could cost more. There is additionally a probability of establishing a WiMAX extender which improves transmissions up to seventy-five, so you can utilize your regular voice over IP connections in your area.

You need a clear connection free of solution disruptions when you have an essential phone telephone call to place. To ensure you have high call top quality, you should have sufficient transmission capacity accessible on your wireless network when you put VoIP calls. In instance your VoIP applications have to compete with huge data downloads on your PC, you might not get the call quality you prefer. Latency has been called the adversary of VoIP.

Select a VoIP carrier with a lag of one hundred as well as fifty nanoseconds or much less. In case it is any greater, your telephone call can be decreased. You will certainly likewise listen to overlapping noises and echoes. When making use of VoIP, safety and security is a huge issue. When you are using VoIP over a wireless network, this is also true. Ensure that your cordless network is protected via encryption and also password protection.

How to Connect VoIP Phone to Router using an Ethernet Cable

Step 1. Before connecting your VoIP phone to a router make sure to disconnect all the modems and routers or any other device connected to them.

Step 2. Now, connect the AC adapter of the VoIP phone to the power outlet. Also, connect the handset. The RJ-11 phone jack might be below the phone or on the sides.

Step 3. Look for the Ethernet Port on the backside or below the phone and connect the ethernet cable that came along with the phone.

Step 4. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to the Router/Modem. There might be more than one ethernet ports on the router. You can connect to any one of the slots.

Step 5. Now, connect the VoIP phone and the router to the respective power outputs and switch them ON.

Step 6. Wait for 30 seconds so that the phone syncs with the network.

Step 7. The screen might show “Processing” or some related message on the phone. Wait for the screen to turn normal and then pick up the handset and check for the dial tone.

How to Connect VoIP Phone to a DECT Router

Step 1. Firstly, check whether your VoIP handset is DECT capable and if it supports CAT-iq. Also check the routers DECT capabilities.

Step 2. Check the handset battery and connect the handset adapter to the power output.

Step 3. Power ON the power output switch and the handset and also the router

Step 4. Now, hold the DECT button on the Router for few seconds. The pairing mode will start once the router’s lights start blinking. Once the pairing is done, your handset will be connected to the DECT router.


With the steps given above, you can easily connect your VoIP device with your router and get the best quality phone calls. If you get stuck in any step, contact us through the comment section below and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

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