Linksys MR9000 AC3000 Review

Linksys MR9000 AC3000 Review

Linksys AC3000 aka MR9000 has been gaining a lot of attention since its launch. Since our regular readers are quite aware that we keep testing a bunch of High-end as well as budget routers every now and then. We thought to pick the Linksys MR9000 AC3000 router this time and test it out for ourselves. Because a lot of users have been telling us their opinions about this router quite often. So, we think that we must try it out and make a Linksys AC3000 review for our readers.

As far as the design and looks are considered, the Linksys AC3000 router seems likely to be made for heavy-duty users such as gamers who constantly need fast internet speeds and a reliable and stable connection throughout the gaming session. Hence, our expectations with this product are a little bit high. Since there are so many things to check about this router, we will be going through all the key details about the Linksys AC3000 aka MR9000 router.

Therefore, in this Linksys MR9000 AC3000 triband router review, we will try to cover what so good about this and what’s not. Moreover, as we will be discussing all the main features of the AC3000 Router, it is better to read the article until the end to know about it better.

Linksys AC3000 Review


linksys ac3000 review
Wi-Fi Technology 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Tri-Band Gigabit
Number of Bands Tri-Band 2.4 GHz (1 band) / 5 GHz (2 bands)
Weight 2.6 pounds
Memory RAM: 512MB; Flash: 256MB
IPv6 Compatible Yes
Antennas 4
Speed Up to 3000 Mb/s
Wireless Encryption WPA, WPA2, WPA3-Personal
USB Ports 1 USB 3.0 Port
Ethernet Ports 1 WAN Port, 4 LAN Ports


  1. Offers a coverage area of around 3000 sq. ft
  2. Three different bands to distribute the Wi-Fi speeds
  3. MU-MIMO technology provides a great environment and allows you to set the Wi-Fi speeds that are personalized by you
  4. Complete setup require as low as 10 minutes
  5. Dedicated application for router settings and changing passwords
  6. Linksys Velop Node Support which can double up the coverage area


  1. The price for which this is available on the online stores falls somewhere in the middle. For instance, there are many better mainstream choices

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1. Velop Mesh Wi-Fi System

Velop Mesh Wi-Fi System

As far as our Internet usage across the office is quite high, we actually did not face any such issues with the Linksys AC3000 router. All thanks to this triband router that offers amazing downlink and uplink speeds. One of the greatest advantages of having this router at your home is that you can set up a proper Velop Mesh Wi-Fi System across various floors to maintain the signal strength and transfer speeds. We have tried the similar mesh system with Netgear Nighthawk Mesh WIFI 6 (MK62) and the Arris SURFboard mAX Pro Mesh Wi-fi 6 (AX11000).

The Velop units can be purchased separately and there are absolutely no disadvantages to that. Adding Linksys Velop nodes across the area helps to eliminate the dead zones, but also it can be helpful to increase the overall coverage area from 3000 SQ. Ft. to 6000 SQ. Ft. pretty easily. Hence, when you set up the MR9000 Velop Mesh Wi-Fi System, the router itself serves as the master node and other Velop units receive the signal from it and work as sub-routers.

Here, the Tri-Band and MU-MIMO technology of the AC3000 router come in pretty handy for managing the bandwidth distribution across the whole coverage area.

2. Large Coverage

As we just discussed, the Velop Mesh Wi-Fi system provides a great value to the overall router setup. However, for households, the Linksys AC3000 router works quite amazing as it offers a total coverage area of 3000 SQ. Ft. Not just that, we didn’t actually face any kind of loss in signal strength even in the rooms that are farthest from the router’s location.

In fact, another major pro about this router other than its larger coverage is the number of devices it connects at a time. This triband router supports a total of 25 connections at a time while managing the speed distribution between them by itself. Also, you would love to know that they can assign a higher bandwidth and prioritize at most 3 devices. This feature of the AC3000 router is definitely going to help gamers by providing them high-speed internet on fleek.

3. USB + Ethernet

linksys ac3000

The looks and design of the AC3000 router are absolutely aesthetic and offer a gamer-ish look to it. With that said, you get a total of 5 ethernet ports at the backside of this router. While the main LAN input port is going to be used to have access to the internet connection. On the other hand, the other 4 LAN ports are available for your extensive use.

Moreover, alongside the LAN ports, you also get a USB 3.0 Type-A port. In case you need to connect any other peripherals like gaming consoles, printers or any other device. It is absolutely an advantage and is also included by many gaming routers like the Tp-Link Archer AX11000, Asus RT-AC88U and Netgear Nighthawk X6S R8000P.

4. Easy Setup With App

linksys ac3000 setup

Most people think that setting up such advanced routers would take ages to complete and will need some expert assistance. Well, if you also think this way, then, the AC3000 router will bust out all these myths for you. To be honest, it almost took us around 10 minutes to set this up in our office and start using it. Hence, if we did it, you will surely perform even better. Because all it takes to set up is a smartphone and the Linksys Application.

No matter if you are upgrading to this AC3000 router from an old one or setting it up for the first time, the process is going to be easy in both cases. All you need to do is put the power cable and the internet cable in the right connectors and turn it On. The rest of the procedure is quite easy to handle using the Linksys application that is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Moreover, the Linksys application allows full control over the router’s settings. Using the app, you can even select the priority order for the connected devices. And, even select at most 3 devices to receive the best speeds and signal bandwidth. That’s actually a great feature to have if you are streaming 4K videos directly over your Smart TV. There will be no drops in signal strength and any kind of interruptions during connections.

5. Triband Wi-Fi Speeds

As we have discussed it previously in this Linksys AC3000 router review, it is capable of providing the strong and stable connection in the coverage area of 3000 SQ. Ft. Are the speeds good enough to match the standards? For households, and small scale offices, the answer is absolutely a Yes. Unlike the conventional dual-band routers, this triband router uses the MU-MIMO technology for providing personalized signal strengths over the three different bands.

In other words, it can manage three different Wi-Fi speeds from its three bands such as 1733 Mbps from a 5 GHz band, 867 Mbps from another 5 GHz band, and 867 Mbps from the 2.4 GHz band. While the 2.4 GHz band offers slower Wi-Fi speeds as compared to the 5 GHz band. In contrast, it seems to provide you with a better coverage area as well.


In a nutshell, we can say that this triband router review will help you to know about all of its features and specifications. Apart from that, as it comes at a little bit of a high price point, the budget-oriented people will have to think twice before making this purchase. But if coverage is not the concern, then you can opt for a Netgear Nighthawk AX4 which is comparatively cheaper and comes with the latest Wifi 6 technology.

And if the price is not the issue then we suggest you go for Linksys AC3000 because it has plenty of good features to offer. Either we talk about its triband coverage or the simple connectivity. It is absolutely a great choice to have. We hope this Linksys AC3000 review helps you to make the right purchase for your households and office Wi-Fi needs. Hence, this was all about the Linksys AC3000 router. In case you have any further queries, feels free to ask us in the comments section below.

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