Linksys EA7300 Review

Linksys EA7300 Review | The Fastest AC1750 Router

As our regular readers are quite aware that we keep testing different kinds of router every now and then. This time when we were looking for our next pick to review, we had a thought to try out something that’s available for cheap, but do not compromise on the specs and other features. This brings us to review the latest offering from Linksys which is the Linksys EA7300 Max-Stream WiFi router. Honestly, this router is surely one of a kind as there is no other option anywhere near this price which can offer this much functionality and ease of use in one single package. 

So, we decided to discuss all of its features and write a Linksys AC1750 EA7300 review to let you know where it stands in the market and how well it performed while we tested it out against some other high-end routers. Hence, we suggest you read this Linksys max stream AC1750 review until the end to know better about it. And, if you are planning on buying this router already, we will also be sharing some of its flaws with you so that you better know what you will be missing out on. So, let’s start with a quick peek at the specification of this router.

Linksys EA7300 Review


Linksys EA7300 Review
WiFi Technology WiFi 802.11ac
Number of Bands Dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz)
Speed Up to 1.7 Gbps
Coverage Up to 1,500 sq. ft.
Processor Dual-Core Processor
Antennas 3 External Antennas
Wireless Encryption Supports WPA2
Ports 4 Gigabit Ethernet & 1 USB 3.0


  1. An ideal router for an average consumer
  2. Signal Strength is too good
  3. No issues regarding Wireless dead zones
  4. Linksys Smart App offers multiple advanced features
  5. Traffic management is good due to MU-MIMO technology
  6. Alexa Support


  1. Takes a little bit of time to reboot
  2. The design is very bulky

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In this Linksys max stream AC1750 review, we will be sharing all our experiences with you that we had with its hefty features. No doubt, there is barely some other router on the market right now which offers so many features along with the latest technologies as well. Even if we keep the features aside for a moment, the design of the Linksys EA7300 max-stream router does not miss out on the traditional look, but still manages to flaunt it in a more modern way. Hence, without further waiting, let’s talk about the features that persuaded us to consider it as one of the best budget-friendly routers for an average consumer.

1. Dual-Core Processing

Under this stylish looking chassis of the Linksys EA7300 Max-Stream router, there is a dual-core processor that offers it all the sufficient power it needs to handle more than 10 devices at the same time. With that said, not only the processor is responsible for keeping the connection strong, but it also helps a lot to manage all the functions that you can control via the Linksys mobile app.

As far as we tested it, we didn’t face any issues with the router even when there were more than 10 devices connected to the network at the same time. As we tried to push it to its limits, there are no such issues encountered with the connection since the Dual-core processor does an amazing job to handle the network traffic. Hence, there is no doubt that Linksys has included one of the best chipsets inside which does not disappoint to offer a buffer-free and optimized wireless performance.


MU MIMO Technology EA7300 Review

As we just discussed that the processor does a pretty decent job to handle the network traffic. To handle the all outgoing bandwidth is solely maintained by the MU-MIMO technology present on this router, and that’s so good that this Linksys AC1750 EA7300 review would seem to be missing something if we didn’t talk about it. For those who are not aware of what MU-MIMO is, it basically stands for Multiple-user, Multiple-input Multiple-output. Unlike the traditional routers, the MU-MIMO technology now acknowledges the bandwidth demands of the connected devices and then allocates them according to their requirements.

And, in the case of this particular router, we tested out this feature by streaming 4K content on the device and simultaneously playing online games on two other PCs. And, the router is quite admirable as it didn’t let us face any lag or buffering by any means. All thanks to the MU-MIMO which helps other connected devices not to starve for bandwidth because of other connected devices with high demands.

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3. Simultaneous Dual-Band

Since the EA7300 Router has two bands, both the 2.4GHz band and 5GHz band work quite decently and offer you a combined speed of 1.7Gbps. No doubt, the other name of the EA7300 router is also AC1750 which also signifies that this router can deliver a total speed of about 1750Mbps on the 802.11ac WiFi technology.

As the brand claims it, we had also tested it on our side and the results were totally eye-catching since there were no issues with the bandwidth distribution when multiple devices were connected and each of the devices was getting a sufficient amount of speeds as required. Even we tried streaming content as we also mentioned earlier and the speeds and connection stability never disappoints you.

Apart from that, even if it operates on the WiFi 802.11ac technology, it is even backward compatible with the older wireless standards such as 802.11n, 802.11g, 802.11b, 802.11a too. So, if you have any devices at home that work on older standards up till this date, you can still choose to pick the router as there are almost no issues. Because the 2.4GHz band can handle up to 450Mbps and the 5GHz band can handle the rest of the 1300Mbps alone. Although the speed might not be as good as the AC standard, you are getting to connect the devices and use WiFi is itself a helping fact.

And, if you have some higher speed requirements then you can choose the Linksys MR9000 AC3000 which provides up to 3000 Mbps Speed of and if you want the latest Wifi technology – Wifi 6 then go for Arris SURFboard mAX Pro Mesh or Netgear Nighthawk AX3000 (AX4).

4. Better Coverage with 3 External Antennas

Linksys EA7300 Max-Stream Coverage

You can see in the product images that the Linksys EA7300 max-stream router comes with 3 external antennas that are highly amplified to provide a strong signal strength to all of the connected devices, up to a great range as well.

Talking about the range, as we set up this router in our workplace for testing, the area is comparable to a medium household but has more walls. Despite that, the connection was pretty strong as we were able to use the WiFi even in the farthest corners of the office. So, with this analysis, we can simply say that if you live in a small-medium household, the EA7300 router is going to be a perfect router for the job.

In fact, there is one more big reason why the signal strength and connection stability is too good. All thanks to the Beamforming technology which allows the external antennas to focus the signals directly onto the connected device. Not all routers come with such features, especially for a price tag like this. Henceforth, surely it is one of the most amazing deals which you can grab for quite a reasonable price.

5. Linksys Smart Wifi

The Linksys Smart WiFi refers to the fact that you can have proper control over this EA7300 router using the Linksys mobile application that pairs up with the router and offers you plenty of advanced features.

Using the application, we have come across some amazing features such as you can simply change the WiFi passwords whenever you want without the need of any ethernet cables or computer.

Apart from that, whenever guests arrive at your place and ask you for the WiFi passwords, you can just share it with them for a short period of time using the Linksys application without telling them the actual password of the network, quite a privacy-friendly feature.

Also, if you have multiple devices connected at the same time, you can simply prioritize the ones that you wish to not lose the speed and keep working. These kinds of features are only seen on flagship models as of now, but Linksys bringing the change is an advantage to you.

6. Alexa Support

Yet another hefty feature that we found on this EA7300 Router is that it can even pair up with the Alexa-enabled devices such as Echo Dot. With that said, there is an opportunity for you to have a hands-free experience with this router. Although, there are not many features and tricks that you can command a router to do. But, as we discussed earlier, most of the smart features such as prioritizing devices, sharing WiFi passwords with guests, etc. All this sort of commands can be given to the router and it would follow them all for you. However, we personally didn’t feel that much pleased with the feature as it is not something that everyone would get crazy about. Still, the presence of such new features does make it stand out of the crowd. 

7. Number of Ports

Ports in Linksys EA7300

If we come to the backside of this router, there are a bunch of connectivity ports on offer. First of all, we would like to talk about the most anticipated USB 3.0 port which can be used to work with either external devices like printer, scanner, etc to centralize them. However, the more practical use of this USB 3.0 port would be connecting an external hard drive to share the data over the network. Apart from that, it is great to have multiple ethernet ports too, and on this EA7300, there are a total of 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports that you can use while playing games on your PC. As you might already know, the best performance comes out from the wired connection up to this date.

8. Parental Control

As we discussed earlier the smart features of this Linksys EA7300 max-stream router, the mobile application comes with another interesting feature that is quite helpful for the parents. If you have kids at home, the parental control feature of this router will come so handy as you can simply set a schedule for your kid’s devices to access the internet and also set the amount of data they can use. In this way, you can totally control how much time they spend on the internet and encourage them to use it only for study purposes. Moreover, it even allows you to personally block the websites that you don’t wish your kids to access. And, actually, that works like wonders and surely you will be using this feature a lot. 


To wrap up this entire Linksys EA7300 review, we would like to conclude that this Linksys EA7300 max-stream router is definitely one of a kind. There are barely any other options available in the market which offer such smart features like Guest WiFi, Parental Controls, and loaded with so much of advanced tech like MU-MIMO and Beamforming for maintaining a strong and stable wireless connection throughout the coverage area of 1500 sq. ft. Even the combined dual-band speed of 1.7Gbps feels good enough to use for an average consumer who plays games online casually and loves to stream movies and web shows.

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