CPD Mobile

CPD Mobile was established in 2010 as a regional wholesaler of GSM & CDMA branded and unlocked handsets. With several years of wireless experience, our relationships were formed with leading corporations including BLU, Samsung, LG, Alcatel, Pantech, HTC, T-Mobile, Ultra Mobile, Tracfone, QPay, Epay, EMIDA, Preway, and many others.

CPD Mobile is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia located on the East Coast of the U.S. Our network extends to hundreds of authorized wireless agents and distributors throughout the nation in over 20 states, with offices in Texas, Florida, and the Carolinas. Our goal is provide innovative solutions and assist our customers everyday by connecting them with the latest products, services, and technology that their customer’s need.


WQN is original online phone service provider for almost 20 years, a product wholly owned by iTalk Inc. WQN, as a product and service, was created in 1996 to meet the growing demand for low-cost global communications, WQN is one of the first long distance products to make purchasing high-quality, low-cost international calling services available to customer via the Internet. Over half a million customers have trusted WQN for their international calling needs.

WQN put a drastic spin on traditional calling cards when it launched its premier product EasyTalk, while store-bought physical calling cards notoriously charge users exorbitant connection fees, weekly/monthly maintenance and even disconnection fees, WQN does not have any hidden service fees so customers can use every single cent they have as talk time.

WQN accounts are rechargeable, reusable and exclusively sold through our www.wqn.com secure and redesigned e-commerce site. Customers can log into their Accounts online to view and track purchases, call history, change their settings, add/remove registered numbers, submit trouble tickets and other useful and new cool features that are available for an unbeatable customer experience.

WQN is well known for providing outstanding Customer Support, from the moment a customer places an order, through the secure online processing system, until a call completes over the company’s state of the art network; WQN’s friendly, knowledgeable, Customer Support team is available to address any questions, concerns or feedback customers may have.

Join the hundreds of thousands of customers who have trusted WQN, owned by iTalk Inc., for their international calling needs.

Payment Solutions

Our company offers multiple payment solutions for you and your customers. We enable our retailers to maximize the sales of their products and services by enhancing the way cash or electronic payments are processed through virtual and integrated POS systems. Bill payments are simplified for prepaid and cash oriented customers looking to pay utilities, service providers and mobile carriers in your store.

United Mobile Solutions

UMS – a rapidly growing distributor and service provider – serves the wireless industry with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions from logistics to payment processing and voice/data plans. The company has focused on the fast growing pre-paid part of the overall wireless market, where consumers drive strong demands for mobile devices and phone service at affordable pricing.

UMS was formed in 2009 to act as Master Dealer for T-Mobile Wireless and create a distribution network of sub dealers – including kiosks, stores, and franchised outlets. The sub dealer network quickly expanded to over 1,600 outlets in the USA, when UMS began to distribute mobile phones in 2010 – a number that will exceed 7,500 outlets during 2014.