Tp-Link Archer AX11000 Review

Tp-Link Archer AX11000 Review | The Fastest Router Ever!

Since most of the users have been requesting to review a high-end gaming router, we were quite excited about this too, so someone suggested we try out the TP-Link Archer AX11000 Tri-band Wi-Fi 6 router. It happens very less often that some router pleased us so easily with its looks and specifications on offer. Thus, we have come up with this TP-Link Archer AX11000 review for you all which will help you make a decision whether you should get this router or not.

As you know Wi-Fi 6 technology is slowly taking over and most people are still using AC routers. Thus, it is a great time for any tech enthusiasts to get their hands on the latest technology and try it out before the rest of the world. However, this is slightly expensive as it is one of the flagship models from TP-Link and has plenty of cool features to offer. Thus, make sure to read this TP-Link Archer AX11000 review as we will also be discussing the little flaws that could have been fixed earlier. Therefore, let’s quickly jump on to the specifications table and take a quick look at the basic features.    

TP-Link Archer AX11000 Review


Tp-link Archer AX11000
Wi-Fi Technology Wi-Fi 6 (802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax)
Number of Bands Tri-Band (4804 Mbps 5 GHz Gaming + 4804 Mbps 5 GHz + 1148 Mbps 2.4 GHz)
Processor 1.8 GHz Quad-Core CPU
Speed Over 10 Gbps
Coverage 2000 sq.ft.
Antennas 8 Powerful Antennas
Network Ports 8 x 1 Gbps LAN ports, 1 x 2.5 Gbps WAN port
USB Ports 1 x USB Type-C 3.0 port + 1 x USB Type-A 3.0 port


  1. Installation is quite simple
  2. Easily handle multiple devices even with heavy usage demands
  3. Tri-band coverage
  4. Type-C port given for storage sharing
  5. Supports Link Aggregation
  6. The game Statistics feature is useful for real-time network monitoring
  7. Eye-catching design, and wall-mountable as well


  1. Too expensive
  2. Media Sharing speeds are not stable
  3. Heavy and bulky design

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We know you are excited to know about the features of this TP-Link Archer AX11000 tri-band Wi-Fi 6 router. Well, you should be! Because everyone has so many expectations from such kind of router that boasts mostly all the latest technologies and has a price tag that is good enough to break the bank. As you already know the basics stats and specifications of this TP-Link Archer AX11000 router, we will be taking you through all the additional features that make it stand out of the crowd and makes it so expensive.

As you all know, it has a powerful 1.8GHz Quad-core chipset which delivers amazing tri-band coverage and speeds up to 10Gbps, there is much more working behind that will make you go crazy about this router. Even the design of the router resembles some kind of spaceship from StarWars, at least we think so. However, the design is slightly bulky but you can try to hide it somewhere as it is wall-mountable as well. Keeping these things aside, let’s discuss all the fancy features that the TP-Link AX11000 consists of. So, sit tight and read the article until the end as we will also be providing you a verdict whether you should buy this router or not.

1. Wifi 6

If you are not aware of what Wi-Fi 6 actually is, it is basically the latest Wifi standard AX introduced by the IEEE. And, without going into the deep technicalities of it, the earlier version which we are currently used to is the WiFi 5 or AC standards that offer Wireless speeds near to Gigabits. However, in the case of Wi-Fi 6, the wireless speeds can go as high as 10Gbps which is exactly what the TP-Link Archer AX11000 Tri-band Wi-Fi 6 router offers us to use. If you are currently using an AC router at the moment, and that’s causing a bottleneck for your high-speed internet plan, this router will definitely make the most expensive plans look less worthy to be used with it.  

Since not everyone has shifted to WiFi 6 as it is not that widespread yet and costly too. But, if you opt to choose this router for your home or office, you will certainly be counted in some of those few people who are experiencing such kind of high-end internet speeds. This is actually a future-proof and viable option as well since we don’t think any successive wireless technology is going to be around anytime soon. That’s definitely not going to make you face any issues with the internet as you would never have to think twice before downloading or uploading files after installing such a fantastic router.

If the high price is the concern then you get other Wifi 6 routers like Netgear Nighthawk AX3000 or Netgear Nighthawk Mesh at a comparatively lesser price but you have to compromise on the speed to a great extent.

2. Ultra-Fast Wi-Fi

Tp-link AX11000 Speed

As you already know, the TP-Link AX11000 operates on the latest AX standards, the Wireless speeds are absolutely unbeatable by any other AC router out there which most people are currently using. That said, you will be amazed to know the speeds that each band of this tri-band router delivers. Because it’s one single band that can deliver more than the total bandwidth offered by an average consumer’s router. Especially when the 8 powerful antennas start working in coordination with 4×4 MU-MIMO, things really start to heat up, and touching Gigabit speeds even on a Wireless connection seems like cutting a piece of cake.

Like any other tri-band router, there is a single 2.4GHz band and two 5GHz bands to work with. However, the surprising fact is that most routers only support 80MHz connection, but the AX11000 can hit the 160MHz mark too, if you are good with adjusting the settings, you can easily achieve that with the 5GHz bands, but only operational with AX supported devices. Since the 2.4GHz band delivers 1,148Mbps and the rest of the two 5GHz bands hold 4804Mbps each, the combined speed of this router can exceed 10Gbps with a blink. So, if you want to put your ISP to shame, ask him to offer a better plan which can defeat this router.

3. Powerful Processing

To keep all that hefty hardware powered-up all the time, especially when the delivered speeds are among the world’s fastest ones, processing power is the main thing that should not be compromised. Well, it seems like TP-Link knows what this router needs to perform well in every situation, and the choice of using a 1.8GHz quad-core processor in a router is absolutely one of their biggest choices to make. The second one was combining this processor with 1 GB RAM and also offering 512MB of flash memory in the same package.

This could have outplayed them, but it didn’t since the processor works amazing and handles all the processing as well as other technologies such as OFDMA, combining incoming data from multiple streams, MU-MIMO, Beamforming, and much more. Apart from that, handling 160MHz channel bandwidth is not an easy task that is why there are only a few high-end routers that have ever tried to implement this tech, and the Archer AX11000 is one of them.

4. Ultra Connectivity

TP-Link Archer AX11000 Ports

Enough about the Wireless speeds and connectivity, even the LAN people would be quite satisfied with this TP-Link Archer AX11000 Tri-band Wi-Fi 6 router. If you and your mates enjoy LAN gaming parties or even you wish to connect multiple computers with the same router, there are 8 LAN Gigabit ports available to calm all your internet needs just like the Asus RT-AC88U. In fact, with all these ports, there are other beneficial opportunities that are knocking at your doors. With the help of its 2.5Gb WAN port, ultimate speeds can be achieved very easily if you use link-aggregation.

Apart from that, as far as other connectivity features are concerned, there are barely any Wi-Fi routers out there that provide a USB Type-C port for storage sharing. We won’t be wasting any time here to explain why and how Type-C is good as everyone has good enough knowledge about that already. Not just that, Type-C on a router is definitely a new thing for most people, so not ditching the USB 3.0 Type-A ports is also a good move as not every device works with a Type-C connector yet. It should! But, we can’t help it. That’s how things are going these days.


Tp-link Archer AX11000 Tri-band Wi-fi 6 Router

If you wonder how is it possible for this router to work so flawlessly, the spotlight should be on these two particular features, the OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology. Most of you might already be familiar with MU-MIMO already as it is quite common these days. In simple words, it basically senses the demand of the connected devices and allocates the bandwidth accordingly while saving other less-demanding devices from starving for bandwidth completely. So, we don’t think anyone would be facing such kind of issues as the AX11000 boasts of 4×4 MU-MIMO, the best-in-class. 

Whereas the OFDMA technology opens doors for this AX-based router to work on 1024 QAM. So how is this beneficial for this router? Well, it simply helps the router to work with increased bit-rate of incoming and outgoing packets in the communication. In other words, when the bit-rate of the transmission is higher, you are able to gain access to much higher speeds, especially in wireless connections. And also allows to simultaneously connect and communicate with several Wi-Fi 6 clients at the same time. Basically, you can consider it as a feature with some advancements over MU-MIMO that particularly handle AX-based devices.   

6. Game Statistics

Archer AX11000 Gaming

Just like most other routers offer network monitoring features with their routers, TP-Link has done the same thing, but just added the keyword “Game” to every aspect and made it look more appealing. Although the features are quite commonly seen on most routers these days. In the Game Statistics area, it simply shows you the amount of incoming and outgoing data and the bandwidth being utilized by all the connected devices. Now, since a “Game” vibe is added to the web-interface, you will find this new UI to be quite easy-to-use and interesting as well.

In fact, there is complete freedom for you to prioritize any of the connected devices for having uninterrupted connection stability. Apart from that, the Game Center Dashboard is filled with lots of useful features as it also shows you real-time CPU and memory usage of the router along with information of all the connected USB devices as well. Moreover, if you dig into the features, most of the people would be too excited to use the Game Accelerator feature that helps to minimize the latency issues and prioritizes bandwidth allocation for the devices on which you are gaming.

7. Game Protector

Coming over to the other features, all the features regarding the safety of this TP-Link Archer AX11000 Tri-band Wi-Fi 6 router lies under the Game Protector section in the Dashboard. There are simply two sub-sections available here to play with, the first one is Antivirus, which is quite uncommon to be present in routers. While the second option is way too common, that is Parental controls.

Like the normal budget-routers, the parental controls on this high-end flagship model are the same as you can manually set timings for your kid’s devices to access the internet, block several websites that you don’t want your children to access, and much more. On the other hand, the in-build antivirus system that TP-Link offers with this router works amazingly in terms of Malicious Content filtering, Preventing Intrusions, and also stops any malicious software on your computer to send out sensitive data to some third-party outer clients. Hence, the security of the AX11000 is well-contained and you should not worry about that at all, TP-Link has got your cover from every angle. 


We hope you have read this TP-Link Archer AX11000 review so far, so there are a few things that we would like to share with you regarding this massively expensive router. Well, there is no doubt that the Archer AX11000 router offers exceptional tri-band performance with over 10Gbps of wireless speed and various other cool features. But, at the same time, the pricing is not as convincing as there would be only quite a few people who would like to invest so much.

So, the verdict is that if you can afford it, and are quite eager to experience one of the best Wi-Fi experiences in today’s age, you can definitely pick this router. However, if it seems like a bank-breaking deal, don’t force yourself to purchase this one as we have also reviewed a lot of other good routers in the past, you can check them out and maybe find something more suitable for your requirements that fits in the budget too.

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